Here you can see our range of Plain Cornices, which do not have any embellishments. Whilst our stock range is constantly updated with new patterns and moulds, these are far too numerous to list fully. Therefore if the type of moulding you require is not shown here, please feel free to make further enquires and we will try to accommodate you.

P=Projection D=Depth in mm.

PC1 P 65 x D66

PC2 P 81 x D50

PC3 P 72 x D75

PC4 P 80 x D70

PC5 P 78 x D78

PC6 P 78 x D80

PC7 P 109 x D56

PC8 P 118 x D102

PC9 P 82 x D95

PC10 P 87 x D98

PC11 P 95 x D110

PC12 P 95 x D110

PC13 P 105 x D120

PC14 P 155 x D77

PC15 P 185 x D95

PC16 P 135 x D70

PC17 P 114 x D122

PC18 P 120 x D120

PC19 P 122 x D130

PC20 P 130 x D125

PC21 P 162 x D100

PC22 P 1262 x D92

PC23 P 110 x D165

PC24 P 180 x D120

PC27 P 160 x D158

PC30 P 240 x D185