One of the many services we provide is the cleaning of cornices and plaster mouldings. When cornices have lost their vitality due to many layers of paint, we are able to give them a renewed lease of life by removing this paint and thus exposing the original plasterwork.

What Does The Process Entail?

We apply a specialist paste to the plasterwork in question. This is then left on for 24 hours to fully dissolve the paint, after which time it can be removed- taking the paint with it.

The procedure is carried out step-by-step, and on average we are able to get through around 2-3 metres of cornice a day. Once this has been done the cornice is ready for a coat of appropriate primer to seal the plaster surface.

We have used this method for over 20 years and the results can be quite amazing. Long lost designs and motifs are revealed which have been hidden from the eye for decades.

For further information or- if necessary- a site visit, please contact us and we can discuss your needs.

Cornice before cleaning

Cornice during cleaning

Cornice after cleaning